Zotero stutters with low framerate and flickers

I'm using Windows 10, v1909, with 144hz monitor and gsync and 2070S. Zotero seems to run at a much lower refresh rate. Moving my mouse or scrolling through panes seems to stutter constantly. And, using Zotero causes my monitor to subtly flicker in brightness which makes it very difficult to look at the screen. This happens only when Zotero is my active application, and always. if If I move my focused application to say Firefox or Windows Explorer, the effect goes away.

the report ID is
  • This isn't something we can test, but it should work the same as whatever Firefox supported as of Firefox 60, so you can research that. You can try playing with the layout.frame_rate setting in the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the preferences.

    If it's something that's been fixed in Firefox since version 60, Zotero will gain the fix sometime next year when we update to the framework to a later version of Firefox.
  • Just to bump this, I also have this issue. Windows Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042, gsync 1440p 144hz monitor on an RTX 3080 GPU.
  • Go into the NVidia control panel. There should be some application specific options there for Zotero and Firefox. See if you can copy the Firefox settings for Zotero and whether that solves the issue.
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