Possiblity to merge "Notes", "Tags", "Related" panels into one panel?

I found it helpful if I could look at these three panels at the same time.
- Switching among them is sometimes painful.
- For one item, each panel will have only a limited number of contents under these three panels, so they will leave a large empty vertical space on the screen.

Herein I propose a new design of the whole right panel:

1. A merged panel named "Records", including "Notes", "Tags", "Related" sub-panel vertically, like the layout of "tag selector" and "Collections".
- Each could be expandable and shrinkable.

2. The original "Info" panel as the second tab.
- Because once the information is typed in when I create the item, I won't need to check or edit it frequently.
- The more useful information is always in the "Records" panel.

3. An option in the setting to switch between the proposed layout or the classical layout.

I'm not sure how difficult it is to made such a modification. If somebody could give me a hint on
- what language and IDE should I use
- which part of the code to start with
- how to compile a .exe file
Maybe I can try to implement this improvement proposal.

Welcome for discussions.
  • Seems nobody is interested in this suggestion?

    Maybe I was using these tabs in a wrong way? Could someone suggest a better workflow? Thanks in advance.
  • The level of programming for such an involved change to the Zotero interface isn’t something I’d recommend if you aren’t already quite comfortable with JavaScript and CSS. Zotero is also currently involved in rewriting its interface to no longer rely on Firefox tools, so this type of plugin would need to be rewritten fairly soon.

    Zotero is planning interface updates after the rewrite is complete. I don’t know what their thinking is about these tabs, but developers read every thread here, so your idea has been seen.
  • @bwiernik Nice updates there! Really looking forward to try the new version.
    For the interface, I wish there will be more flexibilities about the panel arrangement (not many choices now except show or hide) and custom shortcut (Zutilo helps a lot now).
    Happy holiday in advance to all.
  • This is a figure illustrating my idea of showing Notes, Tags, and Related in the same column.

  • I am also interested. Displaying notes and tags together would be helpful becauses there usually be overlaps between notes and tags. I found another similar suggestion at https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/81577/divide-the-right-item-pane-into-two-parts-upper-and-lower
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