Small-Caps behaviour - separating out the (eds)

Just trying to get a style with Small-Caps for the Authors (or editors) but (eds) afterwards in normal lowercase.

If I have a book with just editors, and use font-variant="small-caps"

Then the (eds) is also capitalised:
SMITH J. & JONES R. (EDS) (2004)

But I need:
SMITH J. & JONES R. (eds) (2004)

Is there any clever way to stop the Small-Caps from over-riding the (eds) ?
I've already tried defining terms for "ed" and "eds", but no change.
  • nothing good that I can think of. If you work with suffix="(eds)" it will be in the right format, but then I don't know how you account for one vs. several eds.

    This is generally a problem - same issue with "and" between authors in small caps
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    I get the desired output when I put the font-variant="small-caps" on the name element (instead of on the names element, where it would also affect the label).

    Also, the problem with the "and"-term will be solved with CSL 1.0, as that will allow for distinct markup of given and family names. This will allow you to discriminate non-name parts like "and".
  • Hey thanks Rintze -- That works great!
    I guess the "and" is a different issue as it's between the surnames.
  • I guess the "and" is a different issue as it's between the surnames.
    Yes. The "(eds)" is applied via a label element, so it already has its own formatting instructions.
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