Author names - Surnames and first names always captured the wrong way round

New to Zotero and finding every article I add the surnames and first names are downloaded the wrong way round. I'm manually correcting this at the moment but is there some way of correcting this?
  • This would be specific to a particular siteā€”do you have a URL?
  • Hi @bwiernik , It's when I export citations from the Embase database on Ovid.

    Any help gratefully received, as I'm doing a systematic review and will need to export about 4000+ citations!

    NB I'm finding that I can also only export those citations that are displayed on the current webpage with the Zotero add-on in Embase (where with other databases I've been exporting the whole list). Where am I going wrong?
  • @adamsmith I don't have Ovid access. Do you?
  • No I don't -- I think we're using the "Endnote" export format from OVID. If @UC20124544 downloads a couple of references in that format, opens in the text editor and pastes them here, we can take a look, but my recollection is that OVID data is often quite poor in ways that are inconsistent and thus hard to mitigate.
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    The other day I looked into problems with OVID imports into Zotero for a colleague. I don't remember off hand the exact journals (they were Lippincott WW- published) but _some_ of the OVID RIS and XML metadata had the author names reversed from that displayed on the webpage summary of the article and on the PDF version. OVID has a "show citation" option to present the metadata in APA, MLA, etc formats. The author names were also reversed there. This is an OVID issue that needs to be fixed within OVID.

    There was another issue with imports from OVID recently:

    edit: One of the problem journals is Journal of Trauma pISSN = 0022-5282 | eISSN = 1529-8809
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