Apple Silicon compatibility

  • "Lol don’t be sorry because you’re not" should've been "Lol don't be sorry because you should NOT be". I apologize. I do stand by the "half-performant" part, but Zotero isn't exactly a power-/memory-intensive app anyway, so even if it is half-performant, it is still pretty good! However, I do think my "outdated" comment was misguided, I merely meant in terms of M1, not in general.

    Overall, my comment above was poor and I apologize. My bad. I am sincerely not trying to be obnoxious or burden you with more stuff to do that's outside the focus --- in fact, I again reiterate how much I like Zotero's offerings (especially the iPad one; I am also a massive fan of the web library fwiw as well and I find it to be perhaps the most innovative part of Zotero).

    Please accept my apology; I will do better in the future when I comment.
  • OK, thanks — I appreciate your comment.
  • I'm not sure where you got the half-performant from either. Do you have numbers to back that up?
  • Let's not dwell on this. The point is really just that it's fast enough to be perfectly usable, and likely faster than on any other Intel Mac because of how much faster the M1 chips are. An Apple Silicon–native version would certainly be faster.
  • @dstillman

    I think zotero beta performs very well on the m1 macbook air 8G. But if possible, it is better to buy macbook with 16G RAM or more.

    I've seen zotero 6 "coming soon" in multiple threads, very much looking forward to it!
  • Zotero 6 is out, I am so happy with the new features. However, because it is not Apple Silicon native, opening some PDF Tabs will easily make Zotero consume 2.8Gigs of memory. Hopefully, Apple Silicon native version will be released soon. As some students may only be able to get the 8Gigs version of the MacBook.
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    @dararii not only that, some may only be able to buy the shamefully gimped 256 GB SSD M2 models… In any case, judging by how great of an update Zotero 6 was, the devs must have *a lot* of free time now to pour into the transition into Apple Silicon, so you shouldn't have to wait that much longer.

    Maybe the macOS Ventura launch will come and go before that, but even if Apple was aggressive to the point of killing Rosetta off with macOS 14 (even though I'm optimistic and leaning towards not, I wouldn't put it past them), Zotero will definitely be a Universal Binary by then.
  • Are the any new information about a native m1 version of zotero?
  • @dennisneise Zotero 7, currently in Beta, is already a Universal app, and according to developers, it should be out this year. Even if it does get delayed, it will be out well in time before Apple deprecates Rosetta 2. You should, however, check if your plugins, if you are using any, are compatible with Zotero 7, as no version 6 plugins are compatible and all had to be redone/reworked for the new version.
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