How to index pdf text using ONLY Zotero online?

Is there a way to have pdf text indexing when using only Zotero online?

I sometimes add pdfs in my library on the Zotero web, but I noticed (during search in the full-text content for instance) that the pdf text was not indexed. Consequently when I then use the standalone version, once sync is done, I can see my document but I need to index it manually.

I know that it works perfectly well (automatically during the metadata retrieval) on the offline Zotero standalone.

However I can not find such a function when I am online without the Zotero standalone running on the side.

Do you have an hint of a solution to my problem?

Thanks a lot for your help.

  • No, same answer as PDF metadata retrieval. They both depend on PDF text extraction, which is currently only available in the Zotero program. But performing indexing for PDFs added online is planned.
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