How to retrieve pdf metadata using ONLY Zotero online?

Is there a way to retrieve pdf metadata when using only Zotero online?

For instance when I am not on my computer and I want to add a publication from its pdf version to my library.

I know that it works perfectly well with a right-click on the offline Zotero standalone. However I can not find such a function when I am online without the Zotero standalone running on the side.

Thanks a lot for your help.

  • No, that's currently available only in the Zotero program.
  • Here is a (partial) solution to work around the problem:
    1) I manually copy the DOI inside my pdf document that I want to be correctly linked with its metadata.
    2) I use the "Add By Identifier" tool to add the reference in my library
    3) in the Attachments tab on the left , I use "Add file" to add my pdf to the metadata which have been retrieved.
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