Issue with PDF

The Zotero Connector refuses to save PDF articles from PubMed, even when I try from a PDF visionner (for instance this one : )
And similarly, I can't drag PDF from my own computer to Zotero, to attach them to an entry. Nothing happens when I drag the file on the entry.
Can you help me please?
  • You'd have to be viewing the raw PDF in your browser to save it to Zotero. A webpage-based PDF viewer wouldn't work. But you should always save from an article page when available — in this case, the ScienceDirect article page. If you have access to the PDF, Zotero will download it along with the item metadata.

    You certainly should be able to drag a downloaded PDF into Zotero, though. If that's not working, and this is Windows, make sure neither Zotero nor your file manager are running as Administrator (i.e., with Elevated privileges). See this page for how to check.

    If this is Linux, I'd guess that you're using a third-party package (e.g., a Snap) rather than the official tarball, which is the only version we can support. See this thread for more info.
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