Editing multiple items at once

It would be very helpful, if it were possible to edit multiple items in one go.

The idea I have in mind is as follows:
1. Select the entries you want to edit.
2. Zotero updates the entry form to become a combined form:
a) Fields, which have the same values across all items, are displayed with this value
b) Fields, which have entries, but different values, are marked (e.g. with a grey background)
c) Fields, which are empty across all selected items, remain empty
3. If a user edits any field, the entered value is written to _all_ selected items.

It might be better to "hide" this feature in the menu, to prevent accidentally editing many, many items destroying your database. Zotero might display the entry form as described in 2., but an extra step is needed to unlock the editing feature …

Here is the scenario, where I desperately longed for this feature: I imported all pdf papers of a conference I attended. I had to go through each of them and change the Item type, the Conference name, the Proceeding name, the Date and the Place.
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