Import of journal abreviation from pubmed has stopped in 5.0.91

edited October 11, 2020

I recently updated to 5.0.91 and I frequently use Pubmed to import an article into my library as Pubmed has correct journal abbreviations, but I noticed that after importing the journal abbreviation field is now empty.

E.g. importing these articles does not import journal abbreviation

PLUS it adds those annoying locations in the journal name e.g. Clinical Nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland) which I don't want

I'm using latest Manjaro Linux KDE, with zotero connector 5.0.74 on chromium 85.0.4183.121

    (pretty sure the locations have always been part of the journal name where they're used to disambiguate; we don't have a reliable way to remove those)
  • edited October 11, 2020
    When a year or location in parens follows a journal title it is there because more than one journal has that name. As @adamsmith says, the parenthetical suffix is _necessary_ to accurately point the citation to a single specific journal. There are two current journals with the name "Clinical Nutrition"; a third current journal that is a non-English publication that prominently uses that English title (it was the first to use that name); and two other inactive journals with that title. Indeed, "your" Clinical Nutrition wasn't the first English journal to be published with that title.

    The existence of multiple journals with the same title, while not quite common, isn't rare. Without the disambiguation it would not be clear which of the journals contains the citation.
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