Pubmed translator missing journal abbreviations

edited October 10, 2020
When I save from Pubmed using the translator, Zotero does not retrieve the journal abbreviations. I believe it used to.

As a test, I went to the github page for the translator, and checked one of the test cases there that claims to return the journal abbreviation, and it doesn't:

The page source has the line <meta name="citation_publisher" content="J Med Assoc State Ala"> which appears to serve the abbreviation, even though the metadata tag is misleading.

The translator also has a lookupbyPMID function that uses the eutils page, which also serves the Medline abbreviation:

on the line <MedlineTA>J Med Assoc State Ala</MedlineTA>

I don't think there are any prefs I have modified to get this behavior.

I do benefit from using the Journal Abbr column in the center pane of my main Zotero window, so having journal abbreviations populated by the translator would be useful. Help would be appreciated.

Using Zotero 5.0.91 on Mac OS 10.13.6 with Firefox 81.0.1 + up-to-date connector (5.0.74).
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