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Hi Folks,

I'm working on adapting the Harvard3 style to suit the UniSA style which my institution has adopted. The style can be found here

Almost there but I have one small issue that I'm sure is just something small I'm overlooking. In the access macro (below) I wish to change the text term 'accessed' to 'viewed' however if I make this change the text does not appear at all. The strange thing is testing this with other text strings it seems to work (ie, I can use 'retrieved', 'accessed' and 'seen' but not 'viewed')

Anyone got any idea why this might be the case?

<macro name="access">
<if variable="URL">
<text term="accessed" text-case="lowercase"/>
<group prefix=" " delimiter=", ">
<date variable="accessed" >
<date-part name="month" suffix=" "/>
<date-part name="day" suffix=" "/>
<date-part name="year"/>
<group delimiter=" ">
<text variable="URL" prefix="<" suffix=">"/>

PS, sorry about the unformatted code, not sure how to insert code on this forum.
  • Stick code in between tags thus: <....code> [some code here] <.../code>

    (without the dots...)
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    For your question: The text terms are kind of like a variable - they are useful because they will automatically be translated for people using Harvard Style in a different language. The easiest thing for you to do would be to work with prefix:
    leave the text term line out and instead start with:
    group prefix="viewed "

    also, I would expect you to have trouble with the line:
    <text variable="URL" prefix="<" suffix=">"/>
    because the larger than and smaller than signs are reserved for code in xml. Use
    <text variable="URL" prefix=" &# 60;" suffix="&# 62;"/>
    (without the space after the # sign) instead.
  • Can you also do it by defining terms?
    What is the "term" for the accessed bit?
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    Thank you both for your input. I've utilised both your suggestions in different ways and both have been very useful.
    What is the "term" for the accessed bit?
    There is no defined term for accessed in the original file. I guess I could define one but at this stage I've taken Adam's suggestion here. I have however used local terms for edition and editor which worked well.

    I think I've finally got the style correct, though only with limited testing. Does the Zotero community provide any testing of styles or is it a matter of releasing it in the wild and hoping anyone that finds errors gets in contact?

    Anyway, if anyone is interested the testing file can be found here.
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    release away. the style is marked as dev automatically.

    edit: if you don't know how, let us know.
  • Actually, after having a bit of a look around this may be helpful.
  • I'm sure it would be helpful for all the other UniSA students!

    And if it is exactly like the Commonwealth of Australia style then it would be very useful!!

    I'll take a look and test a bit with some more tricky combos.
    As usual, the style guide doesn't give quite enough guidance or examples to work out exactly the more arcane disambiguation rules, but the rest seems clear enough.

    I might also try to get the Govt style manual out of the library and see if it's really the same. I added it to the list of standards. Though I'd never heard of it before, and I'm an Aussie academic!

    When it's right, it would be great to tell the Uni library, and suggest they host the style, along with some info about Zotero?
    Especially since they say in the style guide (p5) that the Uni's style is not possible with Endnote or RefWorks, and that students should just get it wrong, then put an excuse note that you used Endnote / RefWorks !
  • I'm sure it would be helpful for all the other UniSA students!
    Exactly. I'm a La Trobe student and our dept has just adopted the UniSA style. I've already been showing other students and staff the advantages of Zotero over Endnote et al.

    On the style so far, I have noticed this evening a few small errors that I'll get onto fixing, I'd appreciate your input. You may need to be patient with me for fixes as I'm also working on my honours thesis which, as you can imagine, is my priority. I plan to have the style usable for that purpose soon. It's likely I'll leave any harder and more obscure permutations and changes until after hand in date but I'll be happy to complete and maintain it after then.
    When it's right, it would be great to tell the Uni library, and suggest they host the style, along with some info about Zotero?
    I may leave that up to UniSA students/staff and concentrate on convincing those at La Trobe to do the same.
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    Sounds good. CSL 1.0 will be out soon we hope. The style should be compatible I think (and if it's sent to the repository, it will be "auto-updated" somehow).

    If there are any rules that can't be handed now (probably at least: given-name disambiguation for first author only), then CSL 1.0 should be able to deal with it.

    Do keep me informed - please update your hosted csl file and I'm happy to help get it working.
    And do try with the LaTrobe library when you get a chance - some of us have experienced a little resistance , but many others are more than happy to learn about it, especially when they hear the price!

    EDIT : And good luck with the Thesis!
  • hey - I put up the style, should show up soon.

    Dan or Rintze: I had some trouble - I tried to change the filename, but that apparently wasn't a great idea - then I tried to delete the old file (the one with -testing inthe filename) but it wouldn't let me do that either). What am I doing wrong?
  • Cheers Adam, I've just updated that file too (just to make things hard). I'll get onto SVN when I get some time to figure it out.

    Also, is there some more documentation on Zotero's implementation of CSL anywhere? I'm interested in knowing all the available types and what they map to as I'm having a little trouble getting records that have the type document to format correctly.
  • Adam (or anyone else),

    I'm yet SVN running on my machine just yet but have just made some substantial changes to the UniSA style.

    Is it possible for someone to submit it to the SVN for me?
  • done.
    For validation - put the first line
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    above thecomments.
    is the most complete documentation - I've recently updated the mapping of the variables.
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