CSL: et-al-use-first" overrides "et-al-min"

I'm trying to implement a tricky rule, and I don't think the CSL can handle it.
This is from the editor:
If there are >6 authors on a paper only the first 6 are listed in the reference list, followed by et al., with one exception (articles with 7 authors list
them all)
I thought it might just be possible with:
<option name="et-al-min" value="7"/>
<option name="et-al-use-first" value="6"/>

but the "et-al-use-first" overrides the "et-al-min" and so it just behaves as if the values were 6, 6.

Am I missing something? Could the priority of these commands possibly be changed in the CSL, or should I just politely inform the editor that this somewhat ludicrous rule can't be done?!
  • BELAY THAT: Sorry I was just being dumb. It does work as expected, I just needed 8, 6.
  • Seems like your problem is solved and that you know something about et-al-min. I'm using APA style. When I change et-al-min to 3, in the citation layout, I get the expected results. It does not work the same way in bibliography. If I change it there, I seem to get,
    name-1, ..., name-n instead of name-1, et al. What more can I give you to help you help me?
  • You also need to change the "et-al-use-first" value to 1.
  • and remove the et-al-use-last="true" condition, which inserts the ellipsis.
  • It looks like that may do it for me. Is there a "comment" character I can use to block out the whole row and replace it with a modified row to leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to where I started?
  • put
    <!-- at the beginning and --> at the end of the line/section you want to comment out. (that's universal to XML, not CSL specific)
  • You guys are great, thanks.
  • Once more to the well. Still using APA 6th with good results. My instructor would like bibliographies formatted, "Gray, P., P. Ein-Dor, and A. G. Smith". I've already replaced the ampersand with "and" but how to reverse, name and initial, in the second and third names? This then would make an almost perfect match to the instructor's specification. Is there any hope for this customization?
    Thanks and regards,
  • name-as-sort-order="first"
  • Terrific Adam. Thanks
  • Thanks a lot! Changing et-al-min to 3 and setting et-al-use-first value to 1 worked for me for journal of biosciences .
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