Project Muse journal article translator issues

Hello there,

When I use Zotero connector to save from Project Muse articles, the icon shows an "article" but it ends up saving as "web page" with the PDF article file attached but almost no metadata. (Just webpage title, URL, access date).

It should save as an "article" with article title, author, journal name, volume, date, URL, and potentially additional info (abstract, pages, DOI, ...).

Here is a sample URL:

Do others have similar issues? I found a lot of discussion on the forums about Project Muse translator problems but not about this particular problem.

  • Works for me. Please run through and if this doesn't help report the remaining information requested in the last step, please.
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    With Project Muse if you click on the icon _immediately_ after it becomes the article image this can sometimes occur. If you wait a second or two the import will function properly as expected.

    edit I guess that there is something with the Muse site that fools the translator into 'thinking' that the webpage is 'ready' when it in fact hasn't completely loaded.
  • @DWL that seems to do the trick. i think i was already waiting a second or two but when i wait 15 seconds it works fine.
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    @adamsmith @tew.w I find that the same translator behavior sometimes occurs with the SAGE journal translator at times the site is very slow to fully load individual article pages. The page seems to fully load (at last) and the Zotero icon will change but unless I wait several more seconds (never as much as 15 seconds, maybe 5 or 6 at most) the translator will import as a webpage rather than as a journal article. Waiting sufficient time after the icon converts is necessary for those times Sage is slow but everything is fine when the site isn't dragging.
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