multiple authors: comma before "and"

I'm finalizing my dissertation and I'm going through all my references pretty close to the deadline. I've noticed a few issues that I haven't been able to solve by searching the forums. I hope I won't be spamming the forums with questions the coming days.
The dissertation is in Swedish, I'm using Oxford Manual of Styule, 17th ed, and these are currently my two pet peeves:

- Dates are written as such: 01 mars 2014. Instead of 1 mars 2014. That is, when there's a one digit date, it shouldn't start with "0", but it does. Example:
Stam, Robert, och Louise Spence. ”Colonialism, Racism and Representation”. Screen 24, nr 2 (01 mars 1983): 2–20.

- When there are multiple authors, English language rules are with regard to commas. In this example there should be no comma before "och Christopher E. Lalonde".

Hallett, Darcy, Michael J. Chandler, och Christopher E. Lalonde. ”Aboriginal language knowledge and youth suicide”. Cognitive Development 22, nr 3 (juli 2007): 392–99.

Any idea how I can change this?


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