Issue with adding a citation.


The error report number is: 810699496

I believe it might be related to the document being stored on the one drive. As soon as I saved the Word document on my desktop, it instantly started working. Didn't even need to restart Zotero.

Thanks for setting up this easy error reporting solution!

  • @adomasven may have further questions, but documents in OneDrive tend to have problems, though we've never reproduced the problem ourselves.
  • @dstillman @adomasven I can reproduce without any problem (Which is the problem lol)

    It says on the help page:
    "If using OneDrive on Windows, save the copy of the document to your local hard drive. OneDrive is known to interfere with the plugin for some people. If this fixes the problem for you, you can help us debug this conflict by posting to the Zotero Forums."

    I'd me more than happy to provide any other information that might be helpful to investigate this. What I find odd is that if I access the document through File Explorer > One Drive, I get the issue. But if I go in the web browser, click 'Open in application' from there, it all works fine.

    Hope this helps.

  • Filenames with spaces (or perhaps folder names with spaces) are the culprit when saving to OneDrive. However we had reports of people being able to trigger the problem with spaces sometimes, but not others. We ourselves have no problem in saving files with space filenames in OneDrive. If you can figure out which symbols in filenames consistently trigger the problem, and which don't do let us know.
  • I have the same problem with OneDrive. But resolve this when I remove all spaces in the filename. The folder name has spaces but seems no effect.
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