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  • I have a similar question but not quite the same. I have my own personal library. I have maxed out my free storage of 300MB. My lab has a cloud group Zotero account with unlimited storage. I want to transfer my entire personal library into our lab account while preserving all of my collections and organization. Moving forward, when I want to add something to Zotero, I want it to go straight to the lab cloud group account. Basically, I want to eliminate the need for my personal library and take advantage of my lab's unlimited storage. I've been trying a few things, but nothing transfers to our lab group, I think because Zotero still recognizes my personal library that has maxed its storage limit.
  • Copying items between libraries has nothing to do with your storage limit.

    You can copy collections and items just by dragging them to the group in Zotero.

    You could also export your entire personal library to Zotero RDF with files and import it into the group.

    Note that, either way, any existing citations in word processor documents will continue to link to the items in your personal library, not the group library. If you use export/import, the Date Added/Modified values will also be reset.
  • Thanks for the quick response, but it doesn't make sense to me. How do I drag my entire library into the group library? My web library is on a different tab. There are 2 group libraries on the Groups tab. When I try to drag my web library or the library I downloaded from my standalone Zotero, it's not clear where I'm aiming to drop the file on the Group library page. I pick either the Library icon at the left or somewhere in the library. A new page is created with the address
    that is blank. None of the items in my library appear in the group library. Also, I've changed the settings on my standalone Zotero so that syncing only happens with our lab cloud library, but when I try to download an item from the web, nothing appears in the lab cloud library.

    Not sure if this is relevant, but most of the buttons on the group library page are greyed out. The one that isn't is the add new item button. Also, I am not the administrator of the group library, I am just a member. Does that matter?
  • This doesn't have anything to do with your web library. You do this in the Zotero software.
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