Fail to save PDF from IEEE explore

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been unable to save PDF files to my Zotero via connector in Chrome recently, saying that "An error occurred saving with IEEE Xplore. Attempting to save using Save as Webpage instead".

I have tested the other sites (like elsevier), it works fine. Currently, the failure only occurs on IEEE explore website.

After searching in the forum, I have seen multiple cases in the past, some of which turns out to be caused by the redesign of the IEEE website.

Did any of you have similar issue recently please?

The report ID is 1864945971.


  • Can you provide an example URL?
  • Ah, so this is via a proxy. Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) from Zotero (not the Zotero Connector) for a save attempt for which the PDF fails?
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    Oh, wait, are you trying to save the article page (with an attached PDF), or are you trying to save the PDF directly?
  • Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I am trying to save the PDF file directly. The article page can be saved successfully to Zotero.

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    If you save from the article page, do you get the PDF as well?

    While saving from the article page is the thing to do in general, on some sites, including IEEE Xplore, either should work, and I'm able to save from the above URL (with a different proxy server) and get the article, PDF, and snapshot, the same as on the article page.

    If that's failing for you, can you provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for a save attempt that gives an error? (Don't worry about a Debug ID from Zotero, which is only relevant if the main item is saving but a PDF attachment is showing a red X in the save popup.)
  • I can save the webpage while cannot get the PDF file.

    The debug ID is D1626859921.
  • That Debug ID doesn't show a save attempt.

    But you shouldn't get a webpage item from the article page — you should get a journal article. If that's not happening, see Troubleshooting Issues with Zotero Translators before doing anything else.
  • I am confused. If no save attempt was carried out, why do I get ""An error occurred saving with IEEE Xplore. Attempting to save using Save as Webpage instead." from the zotero connector. I also get a webpage in Zotero.
  • Just to complement, the zotero connector works fine on other websites like articles from elsevier.
  • It just means you didn't properly follow the debug output logging steps. If you follow them properly, there'll be logging for the save attempt.

    But you should follow the troubleshooting steps first, which end in providing a Debug ID anyway. Since we're able to save from that page and no one else is reporting this, there's a good chance one of those steps will fix this for you, even if other sites are still working.
  • Hi,

    I have followed the steps provided in but no vail. The problem goes back to the origin: "An error occurred saving with IEEE Xplore. Attempting to save using Save as Webpage instead"
  • If you get to the end, you need to provide the Debug ID it requests.
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