Citekey � on Windows, on Mac normal citekeys like zotero-1234

edited August 13, 2020
Hi, I use Zotero between computers.
I use BetterBibtex plugin. I have my library on two computers
While on Mac for different non-paper entries I have citekeys like zotero-1234, the same entries on windows have non-defined citekeys (citekeys appear as �)
How I could solve that?
  • If you want your citation keys to sync between setups, you should use BBT's autoPinDelay option. (This was formerly known as the autopin option.) With 'autoPinDelay' set to a positive integer number N, the citation key will be written to the Extra field N seconds after it is generated. Only citation keys in Extra will sync.

    For me, citation keys only appear as � for items in the trash. If this is not the case for you, there might be a problem. You could open an issue on github. The BBT developer should be interested in troubleshooting the problem.
  • thanks, pinning citations doesnt help but i filled issue on BBT github
  • @danieltomasz did encounter a problem in citekey generation that I have found & fixed, but the � in the Trash is expected; � just means "no citekey assigned", and items that go to the trash relinquish their citekey.
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