Don't see Zotero icon in Safari

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  • Where would I find the Icon to save a webpage?
  • I have a new MacBook Pro, MacOS, Catalina 10.15.6

    When I drag either the Zotero Icon or the Zotero Connector Icon to apps, I get what seems to be a "rejection sound".

    While in Safari, Zotero does not appear as a folder. I am not able to capture any web page or PDF from a library search engine (for instance).

    I do now have a Zotero link in Word however.

    I Googled troubleshooting such as deleting and rebooting. I am not able to find a video on YouTube or on Zotero for what I should see on my MacBook screen. I do not even really know what I am looking for.

    Should I just use Firefox?
  • Read the page I linked to above to understand the current situation with Safari.

    From that page:
    Unless you're comfortable running beta software, we recommend saving using the Zotero Connector for Chrome or Firefox
  • Ok. Thank you very much for your help. The Zotero connector is what I think I am having trouble with.

    Are you familiar with the sound I am referring to after dragging the connector to the app icon? (I have recently switched from PC, I do not know what that sound means). By the tone, it seems like it is signaling something did not work.

    I will take you advice and run one of the other browsers.

    Thank you again.
  • I don't know what exactly you're trying to do, but "dragging the connector to the app icon" isn't any sort of correct step here.
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    That's not the connector — that's the Zotero app itself. You install that by dragging it to the Applications folder, as the video shows.
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