Zotero changes the user-defined storage-path to the standard Zotero path

we are using Zotero 5.0.75 in a Citrix TS environment.
Since large user profiles lead to long loading times and also have a negative impact on the performance of the servers, we have defined a user-defined path for the storage location.
Recently we have noticed that Zotero changes the path to the standard Zotero path (C: \ users \ username \ zotero) without user intervention.
Of course, the users will then find an empty library.
Does anyone know this behavior and knows the cause or a way to prevent it?
  • This would only happen if the Zotero Profile directory changes or is removed for those users.
  • Unfortunately it happens though no changes have been made to the profile.
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    Adomas is explaining the only way this can happen. The data directory location is stored in the profile, so if Zotero is reverting to the default location, then by definition something about your setup is resetting the preference in the profile.

    It's just a line in the prefs.js file, and you can see it for yourself. Look for 'dataDir'.
  • Many thanks for your help. I'll keep an eye on that and check the the pref.js
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