Getting English-language download in Japan

Is there any way to get the English-language download in Japan without going to a VPN?
  • There are no different Zotero versions for different languages. The default language is determined by your system (the details there are a bit involved -- there are several locale settings in your system) and you can change the language in the general tab of your Zotero preferences.
  • * Advanced pane of the preferences
  • Thanks everybody. To clarify: Zotero itself is in English. It's the commands that are in Japanese, I read a little Japanse--but slowly--and using Japanese to command such a complex program as Zotero would bea real drag for me.. The preferences panes do not seem to address the problem, So I guess my issue is the location of the button in the operating system that provides local-language support for the commands on all downloaded software.
  • When you say "commands" -- what exactly do you mean? I'm not seeing anything that wouldn't be translated on switching language
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