Searching for periodical title in the online library

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  • I use PDF Expert+ iCloud + Zotfile on iPad, and it has been working well for me. The real problem is searching within Zotero online library: if I need to find an article from a particular periodical, pdf titles are no help, and searching for a periodical title is impossible in the online version.
  • The ability to search all fields will definitely happen at some point, but if the PDFs are indexed and full-text syncing is enabled on your desktop I would expect that you could use "Title, Creator, Year + Full-Text Content" mode in the web library and search by periodical title that way.
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    Thanks! Unfortunately, I turned off full-text syncing because it slowed down my Zotero. However, you said here:
    that you were working on new faster full-text indexing system. Has it been implemented? If so, I could index again (which would probably take days?) and then take advantage of your suggestion.

    Meanwhile, FYI: I tried to search for "studies in european cinema" (in quotes) in "Title, Creator, Year + Full-Text Content" and ended up with four mysterious records, of which only one was an article from the journal Studies in European Cinema (and I have many such articles) and none had the phrase in the title. I'm guessing this is probably an error. Searching for studies in european cinema without quotes finds nothing.
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