how to clear index in a large database

I have 2695051 words indexed in my Zotero. I'd like to get rid of the full-text index, but when I select "clear index" nothing seems to happen and when I restart, I see the same number of words. I could leave it open overnight, but there is no "in progress" bar to tell me what's going on with Zotero. Is there any way to get updates on the progress? Also, in another forum message, @dstillman advised to "check database integrity" after the "clear index" command. Is it still necessary? Thanks!
  • Leaving it overnight would probably do the trick. In the latest Zotero beta, I've updated the clear operation to use less memory, to disable the buttons while an index operation is in progress (as long as you don't close the window), and also to pop up an alert if an error occurs. It will also now rebuild the database automatically after clearing, which should drastically reduce its size. (That was a side effect of the "Check Database Integrity" command, but now it happens automatically.)

    If you still have trouble after that — which is entirely possible given your possibly singularly large database — I can walk you through clearing the index from the command line.

    (For what it's worth, we're still hoping to switch to a new full-text indexing system that should speed things up tremendously, but not sure when that will happen.)
  • Yup, it worked overnight, just needed more patience, thanks!
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