Can't extract annotations from GoodNotes 5 PDFs

Hi all,

I am new to Zotero and Zotfile and am working on setting up the system. I can import a PDF from my computer, send to my tablet, and import into GoodNotes 5 to annotate. After I am done, I export and replace the original file in my syncing folder. Then I go back to Zotero and Get From Tablet. An annotated file is made with the highlights. But when I try to extract the annotations I get a popup with a red x. I have tried it both with pdf.js and Poppler and neither work. I have confirmed that the text is able to be copied and pasted in both the original and annotated pdf. I would love any tips on how to troubleshoot this! Thanks!
  • Did you ever get an answer? Because I’m having the same question now. I’m deciding whether to purchase GoodNotes, and if it had Zotero compatibility it would definitely be a big plus.
  • You could see the answer from an old discussion below:
    Also Zotfile website explains that it only recognizes notes and highlighted text.
    Apparently, Zotfile only extracts notes added as "comments", which is not supported in GoodNotes. Textbox annotations are basically saved as part of the pdf file, rather than comments. In addition, highlights added in GoodNotes are closer to inking rather than actual highlights added using preview or adobe, so highlights made in GoodNotes and Notability are also not recognized.
    I think this is an issue with apps like Notability and GoodNotes rather than Zotero or Zotfile. The Zotero iOS beta has a built-in pdf viewer/annotator, you could use that for simpler workflow. I personally prefer the handwritten inking so I am still using GoodNotes for now.
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