Extracting highlighted text from iPad pdfs

Hi there,
I am trying to extract highlighted text using zotfile from PDFs that have been marked up on an iPad using the extract annotations add-on.
I cannot find an app that Zotero will recognize as highlighted text and hence extractable. Ideally I’d like to do this without paying a subscription for adobe acrobat.
Does anyone know what app to use or have any suggestions?
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    Which annotation apps have you tried? I would expect most to work fine.

    Have you tested with Preview on your Mac, to make sure the extraction is working for you in general?
  • Hi there, thanks for your reply.
    Yes I have tested with preview and adobe on Mac and this works for extraction.

    I've tried a number of apps - Adobe, Goodnotes and Notability.
    You are able to see the highlighted areas on all of the programs but none of them seem to be recognised as highlighting for extraction. This is even when I save them as editable not combining the layers.
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