Annotations not saved by Adobe Acrobat

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  • Hello all,

    Not 100% sure this is the best place to post, but it's the discussion that seems to be the most closely related to my problem.

    I have had the issue a few times now where I open up a saved PDF in Adobe that correspondes to one of my references, mark it up (usually just highlighting, sometimes also adding comments in text boxes) and then after I save the PDF and close it, the next time I open the PDF from Zotero, not all of my highlights or comments were saved. Usually some of them are saved, but rarely all. Obviously this is frustrating, because the idea with highlighting is that I can go back over the PDF of a reference later on and skim it for the most useful information that I identified earlier, but this is preventing me from doing that, and it's getting quite annoying.

    I want to note that this might be a storage space issue, as I just checked and I am currently using 100.1% (300.3 MB) of my total storage space. However, the issue had also been popping up several times beforehand, when my storage was not at its max, so I'm hesitant to bump up to the 2 GB plan before knowing that this would resolve the issue for sure.

    Any ideas?


    P.S. I'm on a Mac, Version 10.15.5, if that is an additional factor.
  • (When in doubt, it's always better to start a new thread, and we'll point you somewhere relevant if necessary. The thread you posted to was from 2009.)

    The answer here is the same as this thread. Zotero has nothing to do with the annotations you make on a given computer, since you're just modifying the file outside of Zotero. If the problem is that you're not seeing the annotations on another synced computer, then this obviously would be about storage — you need to be able to sync the modified files between computers, and you can only do that if you're not at your storage quota.
  • Thanks @dstillman.

    Good to know about starting a new thread - I wasn't aware of that.

    And ok, thank you! It probably has to do with there being multiple saved versions of the PDF on my computer, not just the one stored in Zotero. Thanks !
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