missing style for the European Journal of Anaesthesiology in the zotero repository

Please note that the requested style for the European Journal of Anaesthesiology ( Wolters Kluwer editors) is similar to the style for the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology/Journal canadien d'ophtalmologie....
(https://edmgr.ovid.com/eja/accounts/ifauth.htm -- see References)
  • Please note that we have a guide for requesting citation styles. Please adapt your post accordingly: https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles/wiki/Requesting-Styles
  • "github" : .... very complicated and confused !
    Then my post is not a request for a new style but only .... an information ; with it do as you please .... take it or threw it....
    In fact this could be limited to create a new entry in the zotero style repository "European Journal of Anaesthesiology" in the medecine field (it is the same than the CAN j of Opth)

  • @Honey_Bee_FR

    Although there are aspects of GitHub that may be unfamiliar (complicated and confusing), the Requesting Styles link goes to very simple easily followed instructions.
  • EJA does NOT have a similar style to CJO (which is a dependent of elsevier-vancouver.csl).
    Alone the in-text citations are different already.

    If you want to see this journal's style on the repository you'll need to follow the requesting guidelines like all the other users. (which doesn't seem to be such a problem for all the other academics requesting one).

    For an example of how this was done corrrectly yesterday, see https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/83387/style-request-bioelectronics-in-medicine#latest
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