Zotfile bug?


So I know that the developer of Zotfile isn't really actively developing anymore (#sad), but I wanted to mention this anyway. I use Foxit on Win10 (both latest versions) to annotate and highlight PDFs and save them. Zotfile's "extract annotations" feature is usually excellent, even for PDFs that aren't super great (i.e. old or rough scans), but occasionally, it does some weird stuff. For example, I highlighted the following phrase:

"This facilitates a calibration of the
sensors that is independent of the electronics, allowing for
interchangeability and easy field replacement. Two versions
of the cell have been built for flexibility."

(Formatting from the copy-paste has been preserved.)

When I extracted the annotation, I got:

"Thisfacilitatesibratioh sensorsatsindependentheelectronics,wino interchangeabilityeldplacement.versi ofthecellavebeenbuiltorflexib"

which is close, but what? It does this for every annotation in this document. Oddly, any sticky notes are extracted fine, which leads me to believe it's an issue with the PDF, but re-downloading the document didn't do anything, either.

Has anyone else had this issue? Maybe there's something I can fix in the file?

Thanks - Ben
  • Can you extract a proper text using this online tool? If so, it could be that Zotfile has some issue with the PDF version of your file. If your file is PDF version 1.6 or higher, you could try to create a PDF-1.4 from it. See the discussions here.
  • I found the text in your message in this file. Extracting highlights with Zotfile works well for me. It could also be an issue with your highlighting tool. You could try if you get better results with Acrobat or PDF-XChange Editor. (For the latter, a free version for academic use seems to be offered here.)
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