Missing fields in Info pane

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  • I have a similar problem: on the desktop Zotero I have been importing PDFs from scans and MS Word docs of draft chapters, so no embedded metadata included.
    Yet the Info Tab offers little more than the file name and date modified. Where are all those beautiful fields that I see automatically when I import a more robust downloaded copy of an article? How is one suppose to edit manually one of those minimalist records? (New to Zotero, so please pardon my temporary ignorance!)
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    Those are standalone attachments. Metadata fields appear on regular Zotero items. Zotero wouldn't be able to recognize scanned PDFs without OCR, so it wouldn't be able to create parent items for those automatically.

    Read through Retrieve PDF Metadata and Adding Items to Zotero to understand the basic process here — short version: don't waste time typing metadata manually if you can at all help it — and let us know if you still have questions.
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