Filename is 'false' after renaming

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  • Hello -
    Found an apparent bug when re-naming...

    If one changes the item's case (by right-clicking on Title in right panel, and choosing either "Title Case" or "Sentence Case"), and then attempts to rename the item with Zotfile's command (right-click on item:Manage Attachments:Rename Attachments), the name is not updated, but Zotero now things the file is named "false". So if one then attempts to open the attachment from Zotero, one receives the dreaded File Not Found dialogue with something like:

    "The attached file could not be found at the following path:

    Hope this can be addressed...
    Thank you.
  • @ZenonMarko: I can't reproduce this. Most likely this is the same renaming error that has been reported here. If you can provide a Debug ID for reproducing the error, the Zotero developers might be able to help.
  • @qqbb Thank you for response. I just did as you recommended.
    Here is the debug code: D2064300468

    This seems to be a problem with the Mac file system (or Zotfile) not differentiating files with same name but different case (sentence vs. title case). If I slightly change the title, then the re-naming works fine. But in changing between sentence and title case, and then attempting to re-name, I receive this "false" error, the re-name does not occur, and the file link breaks.

    (BTW I am testing this using Zotero's internal database to store the files, not file links to an external location)
  • This isn't related to ZotFile, so I've moved this to a new thread. I can reproduce this when making a case-only change to an attachment filename from the right-hand pane. We'll fix — thanks.
  • @dstillman Thank you. That would be wonderful.

  • edited April 23, 2020
    This is fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in 5.0.86.
  • @dstillman Thank you! That was admirably quick. Just tried it here with the new beta, and it's working perfectly.
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