Batch import based on windows directory structure

I have a very large collection of papers collected over the years 2003 until today. Not keeping them in a reference system like Zotero, the only structure I have is a windows directories, each having a date as its name. Thus when I remember aproximately when I added the paper to the library, I can search through the directories that are neamed within that period. For everything else I have used X1 free text tool.

Now, I would like to import them all into Zoterro. Since there are 200 directories, doing this manually is a large task. Furthermore, I would like to keep this date structure somehow in Zoterro - either through a collection hiearachy "Old Dates" with a sub-collection with one for each diretory - given the same name. And then I would like to import the papers in that directory and assign them to that sub-collection.

Alternatively, I would create a tag for each directory date and assign these tags to the appropriate papers during import.

However, due to shear volume, I need to automate this. I am aware of the thread but I am not yet skilled enough to see if this feature can solve my problem - and also not skilled enough to se how I would go about coding it. E.g. I do not see how I get hodl of the windows directory date names nor how I import a paper.

Of course, this would be nice to have as an in-build feature of Zotero, but until then, can someone provide me with the necessary info on how to do this - if it is possible?
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