WebDAV file sync error with SWITCHdrive

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Since four days, I have an error regarding the synchronization of Zotero PDF files in SWITCHdrive via WebDav. The error is the following: "WebDAV verification failed. Verify your file sync settings in the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences".

However, I still have access to zotero files on my sync platform (SWITCHdrive) and so it is not an authentication problem. Moreover, all the others folders on the cloud are correctly synchronized. I contacted the SWITCHdrive platform and they told me that on their side the WebDAV connection in SWITCHdrive has not been changed. Indeed, I can
still setup a WebDAV connection with another program to your SWITCHdrive (e.g. with the MaxOSX Finder when you select "GO" and "Connect to Server...").

I think I have this problem since I update Zotero to the last version (5.0.85). I have seen that other users reported some WebDav synchronization problems. Are you aware of this error?

Thanks for your help.

Gioele Visconti
  • Report ID: 2147307030

    Zotero is no longer able to connect to SwitchDrive using WebDAV.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Zotero.
    2. Wait for the sync to start.
    3. Sync results in this error: ‘WebDAV verification failed. Verify your file sync settings in the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences’.

    I’m able to connect to SwitchDrive using WebDAV with other apps just fine.
  • I have the same problem since I updated to the latest version (5.0.85).
  • I can confirm the same issue (also using SWITCHDrive).

    However, the same error has already occurred before updating Zotero (I've used a rather old version, about 5.0.35). I updated to the last version but the problem still persist (tested on Linux and Windows).

    So I think something must have changed on the SWITCHDrive site.

  • (I've merged two threads about SWITCHdrive together. 5.0.85 didn't change anything related to WebDAV, so as SWW_Andreas says, this would be due to a change with SWITCHdrive, not Zotero.)
  • If someone can provide a Debug ID for a Verify Server attempt that fails, we might be able to provide more details on exactly what's failing on their end.
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    I noticed that today the synchronization works! I will contact SWITCHDrive to ask if they changed something on their side.

    I have the answer from the SWITCHdrive team: last night, they installed a change on their servers so a correct WebDAV connection to SWITCHdrive can established again.
  • As @gioelevisconti mentioned, the sync is working again. It appears that the problem were the Switch Servers and not Zotero as I got a similar response from the Switch Support as @gioelevisconti.
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