Zotero has suddenly stopped working. I followed the troubleshooting steps but had no luck.
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  • You have to say exactly what's happening. "stopped working" isn't enough info for us to help you.
    [JavaScript Error: "That property is not available on that object. [initField:\vboxsvr\adomas\zotero\word-for-windows-integration\build\zoterowinwordintegration\field.cpp]"]"
    If you're getting an error while citing but it works in a new document, follow the Debugging Broken Documents steps in full.
  • What exactly do you mean? What is not working?
  • It was working perfectly fine for months and now when I try to add a citation, it doesn't let me and asks me if I want to troubleshoot. So I end up with {citation} in the text.
  • I'm using Windows, Word 2016 and Chrome.
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    If it works in a new document, see the linked page, and if you get to the end send us the document excerpt that reproduces the problem.
  • I identified a section that creates the problem (step 10 in your troubleshooting page) but I'm not sure about what to do. Delete the citations? But I need those citation to be in the text... So not sure how to solve it. Do I need to remove the references from Zotero and reinsert? Thanks.
  • Send us the document excerpt at support@zotero.org with a link to this thread and then delete and reinsert the broken citations.
  • For the citations already there, they are fine, not broken. But if I try and add citations, it doesn't let me.
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