Meta data of bibliographic reference

For a given bibliographic reference, can I get the meta data, i.e., title, author, abstract, year of publication, conference/journal of publication?
  • I’m not sure what you mean. Can you describe in more detail what you are trying to do?
  • For example, I have this reference

    Wentao, Z., et al. (2014). Vehicle detection in driving simulation using extreme learning machine. Neurocomputing, 128, 160–165.

    After extraction the result should be:

    Author: Wentao, Z., et al.
    Title:Vehicle detection in driving simulation using extreme learning machine

  • Thank you !
    It works well for 1 reference.
    I have a couple of references. Is there any way that I put all my references in a sheet and get the corresponding record?
  • anystyle accepts lists of references.
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    Best, thank you!
    1 more follow up question.
    It can extract all the meta data given in the reference.
    Is it linked with google scholar in the backend? I need to get the abstract of the corresponding reference ( research article ) too.
  • No, sorry, no easy way to automatically get the abstracts. You can look at the "locate" function in Zotero to quickly go to an item's landing page from which you can copy the abstract:
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    How can we track that which output is corresponding to which input? Because when I open the xml file. It only shows the parsed values
  • you can't.
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    @adamsmith The is working well. Thank you for guidance.
  • It says that it can take 1000 citations as input but when I input more than 400 it is unable to process that.
    I have a 9 lack datarecords. If I input with this pace that will consume a lot of time. Is there any way that I input the complete data and get the desired result?
  • You can install and run locally as a ruby gem, which would allow you to script input -- if that's not an option (e.g. because it's too technical) then no, I don't think there's a faster solution.
  • @adamsmith I have installed ruby gem using command line and trying to read 10 lac records, 1000 records per loop. After 2 iterations, it fails to give me the result. Can you help me figure out the issue?
  • No, sorry, this isn't my code. Create an issue on github for the developer.
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