Automatically enter multiple citations (e.g. whole collection) in Word

Is there any way to automate the process of generating Zotero cite fields in Word? For example, could I import a whole collection and insert those as a list of citations I could move around within Word?

Even more, could I automatically specify page numbers "00" to be added to each item? (to use with:

I'm attempting to complete a very large project where I'll be citing hundreds of items in an organized bibliography, rather than typical paragraph-style writing.


Or is this something I could instead do by something like RTF/ODF scan?
That is, I could export a collection to create a scannable document, then scan it? (And can that reliably be imported into Word?)
  • Almost working like this:
    1. Install RTF/ODF-Scan:
    (2. Manually fix Scannable Cite as explained here:
    3. Export collection as Scannable Cite (and save as ODF)
    4. Run ODF Scan on that file, "to markers".

    That creates a document that works in LibreOffice. But is there any way then to get that back into Word as fields?
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    OK, I'm following the steps here to convert from ODF to DOCX, but it's ending up as plain text. So close. Any ideas?

    Hm. It finally worked. It looks like the steps in that documentation page could be clarified. Do you first need to set it to bookmarks in order to unhide the option to “Switch to a Different Word Processor…”, but then need to switch it BACK to Reference Marks in order for the conversion to be successful? Some odd combination like that eventually worked for me. (Actually it seems more reliable to just switch between them with Bookmarks as an intermediate format, maybe unless you have footnotes?)

    Anyway, I've sort of answered my own question here but I'm happy to report that it worked! If anyone else needs to do something like this, I think it will work out following those steps.
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