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I am an OpenOffice user and so far I have just been keeping manual records. I'd like to switch to Zotero but none of the available styles match the Harvard adaptation requested by the University of Melbourne. This style would be useful for University of Queensland students as well because they also use the same adaptation.

I really don't have the skills to attempt this myself. Help with this would be much appreciated. Is any of this too difficult to do? Please let me know if I should provide any further info.



The closest style is "Harvard Reference Format 3".

The differences in the bibliography are:
- et al needs to be in italics and should not have a full stop afterwards;
- a comma should follow all article titles, chapter titles or any other titles, not a full stop as the whole reference should be in the form of a single sentence;
- web references should be "accessed from" not "Retrieved from" and be in lower case because it should now follow a comma, not a full stop;
- web addresses should be parenthesised with < and >;
- there should be a full stop at the end of each reference;
- book titles should be in sentence case not title case.

The in-text citation is correct for the second citation and thereafter but the first citation should include all authors names.

It should look like:
First citation:
(Hartman, Bezos, Kaphan & Spiegel 1999)

Second and after:
(Hartman et al (but in italics!) 1999)

Hartman, P, Bezos, JP, Kaphan, S & Spiegel, J 1999, "Method and system fro placing a purchase order via a communications network," accessed October 4, 2008 from <>.

Hogue, CWV 2001. "Structure Databases," in AD Baxevanis & BFF Ouellette (eds), Bioinformatics (in italics), Life Sciences Series, Wiley-Intersciences, New York, NY, pp 83-109.

Kotter, P & Ciriacy, M 1993, "Xylose fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae," Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (in italics), vol. 38, no. 6, pp. 776-783.

NB. the indents that are in the style are correct - I just didn't know how to do them here!

The Melbourne University guide can be accessed here:

The University of Queensland guide can be accessed here:
  • Hello,

    If no one has time to help with this, would you be able to give me an indication of how difficult these changes would be to make?

    If they are not so hard I might be able to talk a friend into helping me on it.

    Thanks for any help,

  • I'll have a look over the weekend.
  • Thanks very much Adam.
  • Grace -
    go here:
    use the 'Raw' link on the top right to download the style.
    Install by dragging the file to your Firefox.
    Note that the "et al." in italics and without period is not currently possible - you will need to do this with search&replace in Ooo/Word.
    Zotero will be able to do this in the future, though.

    Please test and let me know if anythings is still wrong.
    (unfortunately the style guide is quite unspecific on what to do for the first citation if you have, say 15 authors, as you may well have in the hard sciences. The current style will include all of them, which I think looks silly, but since its easier to program and the style guide says nothing to the contrary...)
  • Note that the "et al." in italics and without period is not currently possible
    You're right about the former, but the latter should already be possible by redefining the et-al term in the locale section of the style, e.g.

    <locale xml:lang="en">
    <term name="et-al">et al</term>

    Something similar is also done in this style:
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    thanks. I was tired and wanted to get it over with ;-). I'll update this when I get a chance.
  • Thanks so much Adam. Changing the et al to italics is far easier they typing out all my references each time! I'm very excited.

    The only thing that I could find is that the journal articles and book references have a comma at the end, instead of a full stop.

    The other thing that would be useful in Zotero in the future is a CD ROM category. The program category doesn't allow for a publisher so I have just been referencing a CD ROM as if it is a book and editing the reference list.

    Thanks again for your help. I'll let the Melbourne University library know about the new style so that they can direct other Zotero users to it.
  • OK - I'll look into the comma and remove the period after the et al then post the style - hopefully by tomorrow.
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    to Jetzin,
    wrote: Thanks so much Adam. Changing the et al to italics is far easier they typing out all my references each time! I'm very excited.
    You can find&replace styles, too, in OO. Cheers, M
    p.s. ad blockquote: I still wonder what's that gorgeous about Vanilla and manual html tagging... :)
  • OK - I've uploaded the style to the repository. I believe I have corrected the comma instead of period error - I had gotten a little too zealous in changing commas for periods and had overlooked that in testing.
    I've also corrected the et al as Rintze pointed out.
    And yes - do use the search and replace in Ooo, it works great with italics.
    to put quotes in text use html mode and use <blockquote> </blockquote>

    As soon as it shows up it will have the install link:
    and the name
    University of Melbourne
  • Hi Adam, thanks so much! That looks great. I've told the library at Melbourne Uni and they are going to let students know about it.

    Zroutik - thanks for the search and replace tip!
  • Hello,

    This style was fantastic but it seems to have changed. The in-text citations used to be (Craul 1994) and (Bassuk 2001) as they should be. Now they are (Phillip J. Craul 1994) or (D. N. L. Bassuk 2001). These same references looked fine earlier.

    The author fields are double fields and show:
    Craul , Phillip J
    Bassuk , Dr. Nina L.

    Have I managed to change something or is could the style that mine is dependant on have changed?

    Thanks for any help,
  • Thanks Komrade! That worked a treat.
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