Do I need to install the standalone product?

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  • I have Zotero in my googl chrome and library university site, and in MS word. Do I need to install the standalone product. Its a bit confusing.
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    Yes, you should have both. Zotero is a program that runs on your computer and that you launch like any other program. The Zotero Connector is a browser extension that you install into your browser (e.g., Chrome) that saves to the Zotero program. You can install them both from the download page.
  • its installed in chrome, so therefore I have that. Also, its in my MS Word. I don't recall installing the 5.0 for windows. Comment please.
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    Right, as I say, the thing in Chrome is the Zotero Connector. That's separate from the Zotero program. But if you have the Zotero plugin in Word, you did have the desktop app at some point, since it's the Zotero program that installs the plugin into Word.

    In any case, you should download and install the Zotero program again.
  • Okay. So should I just install the Zotero for 5.0 for windows. I do have the Zotero in my windows start. I have one PC windows 7 and the other Windows 10.
    When you say Zotero program, you mean the 5.0 right?

    I have really enjoyed using Zotero and trying to get my students to use it as well.

  • If you have Zotero in your Windows Start menu, you already have Zotero. Just start that and make sure it's version 5.0.84 or later. If not, update it from the Help menu, or redownload it from the download page.
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