Zotero 5.0.83 version: Editor, under Creator column, problem

My Zotero updated this morning automatically to version 5.0.83 (Mac computer). I just noticed a very annoying thing in the central column of the database, where all the references are listed. Those reference that they do not have an author under the field 'Creator', but just only 'Editor', one or several, are not listed / organised alphabetically when I organised the list of references under "Creator' field.

In other words, I have all the references listed by creator, whatever type of creator I have, except those that they only have 'Editor' or "Editors". In that case, all the references are listed at the end of the database by "Year", whitout taking into account the alphabetical names at all. A big mess, then.

It's the first time this is happening to me and I am wondering if I am the only one. It seems like the field "Editor" is not taken into account when using the field 'Creator' as the main way to list all the references.

Thank you for sharing your comments.
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