Option of "suppress year" possible ?


its very helpful that you can already cite with an suppressed author to follow the apa style of 'author (year)'.

But to follow the apa 7th style of direct cites like:

author (2002) investigates on "ciritical things" (p. 3)

one need to insert a cite with suppressed author and the page (2002, p.3) and then edit the cite with the editor and delete the year. But then, its not refreshed anymore.

So would be possible to add a "suppress-year-box" to the pop-up menu in a future Zotero word plugin update ?

Thank you very much and regards,

  • No -- I'd suggest just typing the page numbers manually in those situations. If you are to change things around, you'd have to modify the citation anyway.
  • Hello Adam,

    thank you very much for the fast response!

    Do you mean with "change things around", that i built my own citation style ? Because that is not the case. Its the official APA style to cite like i described above. So including an option to Zotero to do so in an easy way would make sense not only for me, i guess.

    But of course, its your decision. I can handle zotero even with manually insert the pages. Its just less comfortable.

    Thanks for Zotero anyway !


  • No, I just mean that there's little benefit to inserting a "suppress author and year" type citation with Zotero as opposed to just writing the page number in Word:
    - You have already cited the item, so it's in the bibliography anyway
    - If you move the preceding citation, you still have to update the suppress author and year one since that's no longer properly formatted.

    In other words, this just takes longer and doesn't automate anything for you. I don't think it's particularly likely we'd add support for this.
  • That format is also no longer as strongly recommended in the 7th edition of the APA manual (and it was a pretty unhelpful format in any event). I would recommend always including the author/year along with the page number in such citations for clarity to the reader. For example, instead of ‘John et al. (2009) said “research is good” (pp. 21–22)’, go with ‘ John et al. (2009, pp. 21–22) said “research is good.”

    That is cognitively much less demanding on the reader.
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