Searching in multiple libraries simultaneously

Is it possible to use the search function in multiple libraries (including different group libraries that I am not the owner of) simultaneously?
  • This has been requested a number of times and would indeed be useful for many of us with multiple group libraries, but it's not currently possible. My recollection is that devs were generally open to this, a bit worried about the GUI implementation, and not considering it a super high priority.
  • I found an indirect way to do this. I am using Zotero's "insert citation" function to search for something, which shows the search item across all libraries. This is limited because I can't use multiple search parameters. But it is useful when I am searching for a specific item. Can't they use the same operation that we use in inserting a citation for the search function?
  • @alevcinar WHere is this in "insert citation" in Zotero? Or you mean the Word's plugin?

    I definitively miss searching in all libraries at the same time. Didn't count on that problem when creating a separated group, and I was planning to create another one... mmm... All my votes for this feature.
  • At least, as a first step, the searched text could be kept in the search field when you click on another library or collection (folder). Right now, the text disappears once you click elsewhere in the trees.

    This is specially important for libraries, as is the place we click when wanting to search everywhere. But it would be wonderful if it also worked for collections.

    Ideally, clicking on another folder (library at least, or collection too) would update the search for that library or folder. But even if it doesn't and we have to press Enter again, it would be something.

    If some prefer the searched text to disappear when changing collection/library, it could be an option to select in Preferences, or something that only works when clicking in a folder or library while pressing a key like Option or Ctrl.
  • Agreed that this would be way nice. I have 13 libraries (including My Library, so 12 group folders) spanning projects from 2 degrees plus collaborations. Each library roughly corresponds to a target publication and the libraries have varying levels of overlap. Changing the advanced search to be able to do checkboxes next to the relevant libraries to search would be really nice. If that's too much to ask, searching all libraries at once would be good too. @Mart, @alevcinar seems to have been referring to the Word's plug-in button, which is Add/Edit Citation, and seems to be showing results from multiple libraries at once.
  • +1 and actually +hundreds if I include collaborators and students
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