Unique legal citations as part of Chicago

In my university, we are using an adaptation of the Chicago-Deusto style to reference sources. We mostly follow these guidelines, so there's no problem when referencing regular sources with Zotero. However, due to the lack of a national legal citation style, the university has created its own, adapted to the characteristics of Ecuadorian legislation. For example, according to out style Manual, the Constitution (and most laws) should be cited as follows:

[note] Ecuador, Constitución de la República del Ecuador [this should be in italics], Registro Oficial 449, 20 de octubre de 2008, art. 298.
[bibliography] Ecuador. Constitución de la República del Ecuador [this should be in italics]. Registro Oficial 449, 20 de octubre de 2008.

No current item type in Zotero quite adapts itself to our citation style; I've tried most of them. What do you recommend us to do?
  • You could certainly enter this in the Legislation item type in Zotero and cover all fields. If the question is whether you can get Ecuadorian-style legal citations with an existing style, the answer is probably not. Zotero just isn't flexible enough for that.

    If you're asking whether it'd be possible to enter the above information into Zotero in a way that a (custom) style _could_ correctly generate the citations, that's definitely the case, yes. (Author: Ecuador, Name of Act: Constitución de la República del Ecuador, Code: Registro Oficial, Code Number: 449, Date enacted: 2008-10-20
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