Zotfile rename - misses final "." in folder name

I currently use Zotfile and Zutilo with great success to manage my PDFs. No major complaints or bugs.

But there is one behaviour that I've noticed that I find interesting. Zotfile will not create folders with a "." at the end. For example: the journal Tetrahedron Letters has the abbreviation "Tetrahedron Lett.". I use the journal abbreviation to name my folders for organization. But Zotfile does not add the final "." even when it's in the field correctly. So the folder becomes "Tetrahedron Lett" which is ultimately fine, but not quite what I want.

For other journals like "Org. Lett." this becomes "Org. Lett", so the first period is OK but the final one is not.

In filenames this error does not occur, mostly because in my naming scheme the journal abbreviation is at the beginning of the file name. So the periods are all there, for example:

"Org. Lett. - 2001 - 2579-2581 - Oi et al. - Ruthenium Complex-Catalyzed Direct Ortho Arylation and Alkenylation of.pdf"

Does anyone know why this issue with the folder names would be happening? Not a major issue but I'm curious.

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