Unable to save local files with Chrome connector


When navigating to any file with a local URL file:///home/ (for instance, after clicking on a downloaded PDF), the connector is grayed out and nonfunctional. The "Save to Zotero" option doesn't work, either. No lines are written to the log.

Is there a way to work around this?


(sorry if this is a dupe - it seems trivial!)
  • This never worked and never will, since Zotero figures out what metadata it can retrieve based on the URL of the resource you save. If you need to add PDFs directly into Zotero either use the Zotero button on their page online or drag the downloaded files directly into the Zotero client.
  • For a workaround, you could use the ZotFile add-on, which adds a "Attach New File" context menu for items, accessed by right-clicking. You could also make use of the Zutilo add-on, which adds keyboard shortcuts for Zotfile.
  • Thanks for the replies!

    "Attach New File" is good enough for me.

    Alternatively, one can force Chrome to always view PDFs immediately (rather than occasionally downloading them and breaking the Zotero extension) by overriding the content-disposition header.
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