Two tag-related bugs after most recent update (5.0.80)

edited December 13, 2019
After the most recent update (currently 5.0.80), ZOtero seems to no longer have functional tags:

1) When adding a new tag, after typing a few letters in the "Add new tag" field that should display a list of a few (say, 10) filtered tags, only the first few tags of that list are displayed, and then the list repeats those items for the second half. Thus, I cannot actually reach some tags by filtering for the common prefix, but need now to type the entire name of the tag (in my case, around 50 chars), with a high chance of making mistakes. And because the add new tag feature still doesn't allow finding mid-tag strings, as is the case in the tag list filter (but instead only finds the beginning of strings), this bug is all the more disruptive.

2) The second bug is in the Advanced Search: when choosing Tag from the list and typing a few letters, an empty list is returned, with the correct number of entries, but no visible text.

I hope this bug report is clear. I can provide screenshots/steps to reproduce, if need be. Thanks!
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