ZoteroQuickLook 1.4.1 gives an error

Zotero 5.0.80
Windows 10

ZoteroQuickLook 1.4.0 works:

ZoteroQuickLook 1.4.1 is broken:

I recommend disabling auto-update and sticking with version 1.4.0 for now.

BTW, I created an issue on github that is related to, but independent of the error reported here.
  • That's happening when the top-level item you are QuickLooking has multiple children (multiple attachments or notes). Previously, the QuickLook application would just silently show the first child item. I will adjust the code to restore the previous behavior. For now, expand the item and QuickLook the desired child directly.
  • Yes, there were multiple attachments for the item that produced the error. (I shortened the debug output for readability.)

    I'm now actually using a different custom viewer that opens all pdf attachments in tabs. Could you please preserve the behavior that the list of items is passed as parameters to the custom viewer command?
  • 1.4.2 is now released restoring the previous behavior with the default QuickLook viewer on Windows. Behavior for Mac, Linux, and custom view commands is unchanged.
  • Thanks a lot for the quick fix! This issue is resolved in 1.4.2.
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