Journal abbreviation

It seems there is no option to automatically fill the journal abbreviation field if you create a new item and type in a journal. In citavi, for example, journal abbreviations can be defined in a simple list. This saves a lot of time.

It would be great if such a function could be implemented in Zotero as well in the future. Is this realistic?
  • Note that Zotero does automatically abbreviate journals when you cite using the word processor add-on
    It's definitely realistic for that functionality to be extended to otherwise created bibliographies.

    Generally better abbreviation functionality (e.g. multiple lists like in Endnote, ability to apply abbreviations to other elements such as institutional authors) would be desirable but my sense is that's not high on the list of development priorities.
  • Thanks for the answer.

    That is true, but the abbreviations generated by the word processor add-on often do not match the one that is commonly used (at least in the German context). I would therefore like the option to define the abbreviation for a certain journal once and for it to be added to every new entry of an article of this journal afterwards, a long existing functionality of citavi.

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