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Some people have asked about a separate item for book reviews. I appreciate the issues involved, but I'm wondering: Has anyone figured out how to make Zotero adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style's instructions for citing book reviews that are not quite journal articles?
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    Those instructions:

    Author, review of Book Title, by Author of Book, Publication, Date of publication, DOI/URL (if online).


    1. Christine M. Kreiser, review of Six Women of Salem: The Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials, by Marilynne K. Roach, American History, April 2014,
  • Is there a solution to the "Book Review" ? It is not an item type, and when I create a journal article with Reviewed Author and author, it only cites the author, who wrote the book but didn't write the review, and I am quoting the review. Is there another way for me to do this?
  • What style are you using?
  • Turabian 8th edition (full note)
  • I don't think we ever built book review into the Turabian style. Use the almost identical Chicago Manual one instead.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. The footnotes are different in Chicago, which uses the name instead of ibid. I also don't see an option for Book reviews
  • The Chicago style is designed to format for book reviews when there is a reviewed author. There is a version of Chicago in the Zotero repository with ibid (but I’d suggest not using ibid and instead following the Chicago format for increased clarity in any event).
  • If there's a Book Review item type in CMS, can it be added to SBL Handbook of Style (which is similar to CMS, but specific to biblical and theological studies)?
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    My work-around up to this point: I use the Journal Article item type, I put something other than EN in the language field, and I list the title as:

    review of Book Title, by Book Author

    I still have to remove manually the quotation marks from the footnote, but everything else formatted correctly.
  • What is the actual required format for book reviews in SBL?

    I would really recommend not trying to hack workarounds. The correct way to enter a book review in Zotero is adding a Reviewed Author and/or Reviewed Title. If it isn’t formatting correctly for a specific style, the style can be updated. Chicago and APA, for example, are written to accommodate book reviews.
  • I'm not sure how to add a Reviewed Author or Reviewed Title in Zotero. I assume you're talking about what goes in the "Item Type" field; I don't see Reviewed Author/Title there.

    The SBL instructions for an untitled book review (§6.3.4):

    first reference in a footnote:
    Howard M. Teeple, review of Introduction to the New Testament, by André Robert and André Feuillet, JBR 34 (1966): 368–70.

    subsequent references:
    Teeple, review of Introduction to the New Testament (by Robert and Feuillet), 369.

    Teeple, Howard M. Review of Introduction to the New Testament, by André Robert and André Feuillet. JBR 34 (1966): 368–70.
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