How to add new styles to Style Editor?


I am trying to edit some new styles that I downloaded from the website? But when I click Style Editor, there are only a few styles available to edit (the default ones). How do I add new ones I just downloaded to the Style Editor, so I can modify them?

  • If you are talking about styles from the repository, you can just go here, search for it and click on edit:
  • Assuming you mean the local style editor in Zotero, dependent styles (see ) won't show up there. All other installed styles do
  • Thanks. Yes, I mean the local style editor in Zotero. I would like to change the format a little bit for the one I just got from repository. But how do I know which one is dependent, and which one is independent style? For the ones I downloaded, none of them show up at the local style editor.
  • When you check "Show only unique styles" at the top, all dependent styles disappear. If you want to find the independent style a specific dependent style points to, click on "Source" next to it and check what's in the line rel="independent-parent"
    E.g. Geophysical Research Letters as mentioned in your other thread would be the American Geophysical Union style.
  • Thanks, I see that now.
  • So I guess the procedure for customizing my own format is:

    1. Go to, find the relevant style, edit it and download the revised style to my local computer.

    2. Apply this downloaded style to my local Zotero.

    This is somewhat different from Endnote, which I edit the style locally and apply that right away.

    This might be worth mentioning for any former endnote users who just switched to Zotero recently.
  • You can go either way -- the visual editor on might be easier, but you can absolutely modify the style locally as well.
  • But there appears to be no good editor or visualization for local editing, is it right?
  • Really depends on what you mean by "good editor" -- if you want a GUI, the editor on is the only option, yes.
    Zotero's built-in editor is very convenient if you're comfortable modifying the code directly.
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