Can I change inline citation from parentheses to square brackets?


For all the journals I have dealt with, they use square brackets for inline citations(such as [Albert et al., 2009]), instead of using parentheses. Would it be possible to do so in Zotero?

  • Of course that's modifiable.
    Or you could just check the repository for another style. Plenty of such author-date styles available.
  • Thanks! Is there any guidance on how to do that? I downloaded the style "Geophysical Research Letters" from style repository to my style manager. When I apply this style, it still uses parentheses. I don't know where to modify at this point.

    Btw, this style "Geophysical Research Letters" does not show up on my local style editor.

    Thanks again for your great help! I am new to Zotero and am still learning.
  • I guess the procedure for customizing my own format is:

    1. Go to, find the relevant style, edit it and download the revised style to my local computer.

    2. Apply this downloaded style to my local Zotero.

    Please let me know if I am understanding this correctly.
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